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Anonymous asked: where did you go? ))))

Travels and concentrating on my tattoo career, I wish I had more time for this, I really do.
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Thank you all for watching. 

Tattoo body suit done by Frank Thompson from Adelaide, Australia in the late 1970’s
Russian criminal tattoo machine replica
Cover of GEO (Australasia’s geographical magazine) Via Miles_kst on instagram

home-made tattoo on zhen / melbourne / miso
last night Zhen came around to my studio, on a kick to do all the things she’d never been allowed to do. she’d been skydiving that day, bought a sewing machine, and came round for a tattoo that night. very cool to be a part of a day like that. 
three minutes later, “is that all? wow”, it’s all done.  
Alex Chatter, old Sydney tattoo artist
Semi prison style tattoo machine, with inbuilt voltage reader.By Philip Yarnell 
Impressive mag shading by Cy and Caro
The late Australian tattoo artist Dickie Reynolds.Photo from Jed Hill
These are Bens snow leopard tattoos, there an exact copy of the pair his farther got when he was serving time in prison.
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